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Case Studies

The Carrier Bag

To be honest it was a box file, well 4 actually! But it didn’t matter. CEM got all the receipts into date order, then split into financial years. They were speedily entered on a spreadsheet and sub totals made for each category and month. Information was then entered onto the new accounts software, reconciled to the bank account with the software’s ‘bank feeds’, and final accounts for year end were soon sent over to the accountant, fully reconciled.

The Contractor

CEM has taking on a number of individuals who are contractors, they may be limited companies or just individuals (self employed). Each time a spreadsheet was provided in the first instance. Either the individual or CEM entered the receipts and categorised them to appropriate areas of expense / sales. This was then reconciled to the bank account as needed (or to Owner’s Drawings). Moving forward, the contractor was given Xero and Receipt Bank so that receipts could be imported electronically. Whether they were sitting in front of the TV or on a train, they could take a photo through the app and then we imported them. Management Accounts could then be produced on a monthly / quarterly basis, giving the contractor some idea of how their business was going.

The Start Up

CEM transferred this business’s accounts from spreadsheets to cloud software. We took the client from paper based to cloud based, used bank feeds to support bank reconciliations, took on the payroll as the company grew, and provided monthly management accounts and cash flow statements to help the CEO work on budgeting how much money still needed investing in the business before it could really take off. From there, we now do the budgeting and forecasting with them, provide weekly cash flow forecasts and are about to help them set up their Auto Enrolment pension.

Auto Enrolment advice for established client

CEM was already doing the bookkeeping, payroll and management accounts for this company, but their staging date was looming, the Directors already had pensions and there were only a couple of other staff who needed to be provided with a pension scheme. CEM took on researching the best scheme for the business, provided two options for the client, and then took it from Pension scheme set up, Due Diligence, Employee letters and communication, through to going live, including dealing with opt-outs and monthly running, reporting and reconciliation of the pension scheme.

Switching from Accountant services to an In-House Bookkeeper

This client had been promised a bookkeeping service from the accountant but the problem was that he wasn’t getting regular monthly management accounts and was concerned about the food & beverage costs rising out of control. CEM came along and took the bookkeeping back in-house. They reconciled all the end of year accounts and quickly moved forward with the business, providing weekly food and beverage costs vs. revenue, meaning the client could get a feel of how the cost of sales was doing on a weekly basis, make amendments to the purchases, menus and encourage sales, to improve the bottom line before the end of the month, all with the first month of bringing the bookkeeping back in house.


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